hi again! im starting to realize the format that these entries are in dont make a lot of sense for saving memory space. a new page for every three paragraphs?? baloney!!
anyway, today im going to a record store with my friend, but i recently discovered that i only have 5.64 in my bank account. either i beg my parents to give me a loan, or i just wouldnt be able to get anything. either way i dont want to. at least i can take the bus again. i really like public transport, and im hoping to be able to actually use it this school year instead of making my mom drive me everywhere. my high school is a bit far from my house, and i dont want to make anyone else late becuase of it. plus, now i can go wherever i want, whenever i want! no more being confined to other peoples schedules!! also, maybe i can become more familiar with the city im actually going to, because i never really spent any time there other than when i was at school. right now im trying to be as prepared as possible, so i have like thirteen different to-do lists for before school starts. i want to re-define myself this year. i want to be the person whos always on track with their classwork, and has plenty of other things and responsibilities out of school. i havent found any good sports programs or any volunteer opportunities for this year, since by the time i started looking all the application windows had closed. but thats okay! this fall, im technically still elegible for my old softball league, and by springtime i might have found something!! the only thing im worried about with softball is seeing some of my old friends from there... i dont want to talk to them ever again :-( they didnt do anything wrong persay, it was all just awkward to begin with. luckily, i found some cool clubs that my school has, and im torn about which one to take! i think the first month ill really focus on getting familiar with my surroundings, and starting a good routine for getting work done. i wont fall behind. i wont fall behind.

anyways, lately ive been also tryign to fix my sleep schedule. currently, i go to bed at around 10;45, and wake up at like- 8 or 9.. its a decent amount of sleep, so i dont understand why im so exhausted lately. could it be im getting more depressed? or i dont eat enough? its a mystery to me too. hopefully i can find some sort of coffee i actually like, so i dont feel as lethargic in the mornings. after all, ill need the energy!