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A couple years ago, I had gotten a switch lite and a copy of the newest game (Animal Crossing: New Horizons) a little while after it released. I had spent my own money for the console, and after I got it I played for about 8-ish hours? I really loved it, and spent months pouring my heart out on my island. By today, my hours rack up to 965. Thats over 40 days! I think halfway through I decided to redecorate it, so I don't think I have any of my old furniture.. I might put the dream address for it here though!

I don't play as much anymore, but for those years I learned so much about the franchise!! So now, I'm here to pass on that information from the wiki, Wikipedia itself, and all the videos I watched documenting the 20 years of its' existence.

- So what is Animal Crossing? -

To put it shortly, it's a simulation game about kind of just...living. You start out moving to another town to "start your new life", without any context about who you were before. Then, it's all about befriending your neighbors, making money, and other day-to-day mundane things. It's a relatively simple premise, but there's a lot of complexities to it.
Your role in the town, however, can differ depending on the game. In some, youre just another resident. In others, youre actually the town's representative, or even the mayor!

- ☆ -

Just a disclaimer: I'm not very good at explaining things, so a lot of the stuff I talk about won't really make sense if you don't know anything about Animal Crossing. Here, I'm kind of just infodumping about one of my bigger interests, so don't take this as a guide!!