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hello its been a week!! actually eight days! this week (11/19 → 11/25) i have no school, and ive just been at home doing random stuff. lastweek a bunch of my friends got sick, so a lot of my classes were pretty lonely. a week ago exactly i went to my friends house and she gave me a horse sonnny angel in exchangefor a tank top i was going to sell on depop! he's displayed next to my mac now :-) i love him so much.. tuesday and friday i hung out with emily(my girlfriend) and im pretty surewe got starbucks both days!

thursday i hung out with an old friend that i used to go to school with, and i was nervous about seeing her since last time we hung out i got triggered and almost relapsed... but this time it was nice! we got boba and ran into a few otehr friends from our old school :-) then we sat on a lawn of a local university! i took a new bus home that day, it was odd because the set-up was different and the chairs were all tall and cushioned, it was almost like an airplane for some reason.. and it was raining that day too, but luckily it stopped for the short duration that i had to be outside for... then friday i hung out with em again and we went to a local bookstore, it was super rainy that day so we had to find indoor places to spend time in,,,, neither of us had umbrellas so it was scary running from bus stop to bus stop.. evrything turned out okay though because it let up and we went to a park for the swingset :-)sorrey if its boring for me to recount my days i just like having a log somewhere..

this weekend and also this week ive been spending a lot more time inside, so ive been practicing my skills with procreate more... im borrowing my sister's ipad to draw and it's very fun! ive come up with a little story and designed two characters for it, but i still need to draw one more... ive also started an animation for a certain DEVO song that may never see the light of day... anyways im hoping my style gets better in that format because its definitely an interesting tool and im curious to see what i can do with it!! im also trying to not be mad at myself for drawing stuff related to my interests because it's ""cringe"" or whatever... because literally who cares.. ill draw for myself and thats it!!!

anyways along with that ive also been trying to make more music using beepbox... i wanted to get other music software for my mac but nothing ever works :( abandonware is very faulty and hard to get working, especially if it's obtained semi-illegally... i relaly wanted to try cakewalk metro 5 since that's what neil cicierega says he used to use, but it doesnt seem to ever want to work :( anyways if anyone has any recommendations for macos 9-10.3.9 itd be great because im starting to lose faith :( also i wanted to fix some things up around here, so i think yesterday i tweaked the computers page to be a bit more responsive, but its not perfect...

i was just about to start complainign about how im not really good at any of my hobbies because of how often i change what im interested in,, but honestly i think its acutlaly fun to have so many things i can do! i do wanna get better at html/css,because i find myself forgetting a lot of basic things... also i definitely wanna make more songs becaus ei have two but that's not enough to publish my silly music page thats collecting dust in codepen... i have an edit of a song i wanna make buti have to wait til i get my new computer on christmas... ooo im so excited to get that you will NOT hear me shut up about it once i get it!! the one i saw my mom looking at has one tb of storage and it looks super shiny... eek december is going to be so exciting!

anyways tommorrowim seeing emily again and we're getting tacos and itll befun!i still have a lot of homework to do but im sure it'll be okay... oh i completey forgot but saturday i got an EEG and it was gross! i think the point of it was to check for any mental stuff (mainly autism/adhd) but the goop they use to keep the sensors in place tastes sobad!! i didn't try it on purpose though it jst got in my mouth once and it was disgusting :( anyways it wasn't really that badjust boring adn quiet.. it was also super rainy and prettyoutside but on the wya there we passed a prison i didnt even know about so that was ssad... anywyas yes i think this is the end of the blog okay i love oubye! (I WILL ADD PHOTOS LATER I PROMISE...)

album of the week:Uh-Oh - David Byrne


hello hihihi!!! i love my life. ive done a lot of art and creative stuff recently i feel so enriched.... i finally redid the blog page and i relaly like it!!! i think i;m fine with my designs not being super creative or anything,, just aslong as i liek it :-) maybe one day i''ll learn javascript...

this weekend has been kind of slow... friday i didn't have school because of Veteran's day,, so i went to my girlfriend's house and we watched some peanuts specials and she taught me howto play super smash bros! i kind of forgot most ofit... its super complicated... but yeah ! i also painted her nails :-) yesterday i jst drew and like .. i dont even remember actaully i think i went to a crafts store maybe? i dont rmember... today was fun though! i spent 3 hours drawing out a character ref and also got my favorite coffee from a korean corn dog restaurant! it made me super shaky though :( the corn dog was #epic though! i also helpedmy mom clean a lot and did some chemistry homework!

hmm... oh ive been trying to break a super bad habit of bitin my nails and its kind of working!!! im painting my nails a lot more, and trying to do other stuff to fidget.. im hopign i canbreak it because ive always been insecure of how my hands have looked and maybetheyll look better if theyre not all jagged and gross.... praying!

i also made a keychain today! it just has some random useless stuff on it but i like the idea of having a little good-luck charm on your belt loop just as a fashion accessory and i decided to finally make one of my own.. i added a plastic goldfish and a flashdrive but i mighttt take the flashdrive off soon because its very important to me! oh also i have a little necklace charm of jupiter! and the caribiner is yellow and its in the shape of a heart :-) now that i think about it i could just have my tamagotchi onthere btu i really dont wanna restart it because its the middle of the school year and im afraid ill neglect and kill it... i wish there was a way to set it to vibrate instead of either mute/super loud beeping because i cant have it go off in the middle of class! its very cute though,, ive been meaning to get mametchi but no luck...

ummmm i lost my chest binder on thursday.. i have two backups, but the reason why theyre backups is because neither of them work as well as mymain one... one is too small and one is too large (why do i have them? i have no clue) so ive been panicking all weekend trying to find my favorite one... ivebeen feeling a lot of gender dysphoria lately too which doesnt help the situation :( i think genrally though im happy with my gneder presentantion, later this month ill be goign to an appointment about medically transitioning more, and imhopign to maybe get testosterone hrt! still not 100% sure, but imlike 95% sure . hmmm...

hoping your weeks are good! bye :-)

album of the week:Long Tall Weekend - They Might Be Giants (because its a long weekend? do you get the joke)


i have to talk about this i have to... yesterday (friday nov3) i went to see DEVO for their farewell tour with my family!!! it was about a 4h drive away so i had to get picked up early and we stayed the night there ! it was so cool!!! i didn't expect it to be that loud and i forgot earplugs though, so i lost my hearing a little bit afterwards :( but yes it was great the opening song was Don't Shoot (I'm A Man) and i had never heard it before, but i think it was a good choice!! they also played Planet Earth which is one of my favorite songs and that was so fun too!! On the drive back my mom wanted to drive on this costal highway but it turns out it was under construction so we had to turn and go all the way back :( we lost like three hours so in total we were on the road for 7....

Halloween was also fun, i went to my friend's house w some other friends and we watched Ghostbusters together and ate pizza, and then went trick-or-treating ! i think i saw someone in a david bryne costume, but its very ambiguous outfit (it was the big suit) so im not sure... scary nonetheless

im so tired... i have to do some homework too... and im hungry... umm hmm i spent a lot of the drive back thinking about things to do once i got here and i got here and lost motivationfor all of it :( i wanted to actually start an idea i had for a music video a couple months ago, but i decided against it again because its tmbg and i feel like i should do something that's my own.. then i started thnking about songs to write and then things to draw and things to film so i never decided on anything.... its so hard to like have a lot of hobbies that you wanna do but like not acutally be good at any of them too much.. like im not actually talented i just make things in one category for a while and then move on.. but right now im not making anything at all because im too busy with people and work :( i might do smth later though

UMM i hope i can finish a page im workignon! i have plans to do a music page but i dont have enough music to put there so it's not done yet... i needa find more designs and layouts to do for pages bc theyre looking the same... WHY AM I INSECURE ABOUT EVERYTHING ?!

anyways sillys i have to go buh bye!

album of the week:The Spine - They Might Be Giants


it's been a little while... i've been really busy with school and stuff with my life,, but i do definitely want to try to work on this site more!!! i have two ideas for pages but they're still like not done.. i'm going to do a music page but i have to have .. music to put there in the first place. but i dont wanna make music until i update my site. it's a vicious cycle.

yesterday I went to a ""harvest festival"" with my friends and girlfriend, and it was fun! we carved pumpkins and decorated cooies! earlier that day i went over to my friend's house, and we burned CDs together! we made a 'fun' playlist and a 'calm playlist' :-) it was weird trying to use another computer to make CDs since i was so used to using a super old one, butit was really fun! I had also had a new shirt that i wore yesterday, it's a reference to Hide Away Folk Family by they might be giants, the lyric is: "Hello, this is Leslie Down with the Daily Home Astrology Report: Taurus, contemplate domestic turmoil. Aquarius, abandon hope for future plans" and i'm a taurus! so i bought a shirt after seeing someone else wear it. nobody got the reference and its ominous, but i like it which is all that matters :-)

This week has been kind of weird.. i hung out with my girlfriend some and also just like hungout at home.. ive been feeling really anxious about things that are sort of out of my control, and i tried talking to my mom about it thursday night, and she started talking about things i could do to help since she can't be the one to do everything. i literally was crying in front of her and she just looked like . sad for me i guess.. anyways after i went to bed she was laughing and joking around with my sister which really made me feel great (that's a lie) :( NAYEWAYS i watched part of a video essay and i felt better ! i've learned to just ignore things that are bothering me and its worked so far.

i finally got all my halloween costume together, and i dunno if i reallylike it. the proportions are a bit off, but that's okay ! i figured out how to make it fit better, i'm just worried ill feel self-conscious aboutit. I'm going to go as an astronaut/alien, so im going to wear a BRIGHT orange jumpsuit, and also some light-up green boppers! im super excited about halloween :-) me and my friends are going trick-or-treating together and it's going to be so fun!

This weekend my mom is going away to Las Vegas, she flewout this morning at 7am and wont be back until 11:30pm this sunday. also, my sister is going to Homecoming and a sleepover tonight, so im home alone ... i dunno what i shoudl do though.. after writing this i'll probably just make some ramen and watch the guaranteed* video livestream, since i missed it last night. i dont even know why i still watch everything they make, i just have nothing else to do T_T Tommorrow im seeign the Five Nights At Freddys movie with my girlfriend and i'm so excited!!! i love going on dates with her we're going to dress up and it'll be so fun :-) I know nothing about the franchise so it'll be interesting learning about it!

thats it i love you bye!

album of the week:Farewell: Live From the Universal Ampitheatre-Halloween 1995 - Oingo Boingo


ihihihihihihiiiii :-) this week's been good!! this autumn has been really like sad but in a good way i guess. I went to a light's festival with my girlfriend and my family and their friends and stuff, and it was really pretty. there were so many installations but my favorite were the butterfly life cycle sections. There were also glowing jellyfish hanging from trees and some inflatable tent thingies. and a robotic hermit crab that was just.. walking around. We saw two of our teachers, but only talked to one. Me and my girlfriend talked for a while, and she was telling me about how sad i seemed last year, and that kind of got me thnking... i dunno i feel a sense of grief for myself last year because of how depressed i was, and there were a lot of missed opportunities to get closer to friends ... i know i can't beat myself up over actions of the past, but it's made me so much more focused on getting better and staying that way i think.. anywasy it wasreally fun we listened to thriller and the lights were beautiful, i hope i can go to this event with her next year too :-)

today i walked around with some friends and my gf and it was pretty fun ! we bought a 16-pack of mini ice-cream sandwiches and ate them by a creek. We also went to a couple stores and also probably somewhere else but i forgot.. i played my girlfriend some music on the bus home, and i ended up showing her Happy Noodle vs. Sad Noodle by Logan Whitehurst and she loved it ! honestly, unironically it's a really good song. That whole album is really good.

For a while ive been super motivated to make music and stuff, andever since i listneed to Factory Showroom forthe first time, i felt this intense need to make a chiptune cover of Metal Detector. So i acutally started to do it on Beepbox. Once it's done, ill probably post it here somewhere, but i dunno if i shoudl put it on youtube or anywhere else too.. ive gotten about halfway through but honestly its so tiring to listen to the same songover and over again... i gotta stay strong though because nobody else is gonna finish this but me... I love chiptune covers so much, there's a guy on youtube that does SNES covers of mostly TMBG songs, they sound very cute and i love them :-) i dont have any SNES games or anything like that, but hteyre very simple and inspiring! i do wanna start makign my own music though, and Beepbox is proabbly a good place to start. i love how chiptune and MIDI sounds augh... its so cute....

what else... oh im also trying to figure out my halloween costumebut im still so torn :( i watched Alien (1979) yesterday because someone on the internet said i should go as the main character, Ellen Ripley... TBH she is a really good character but also i kind of dont want to go as a character thisyear ! last year i went as Witchdagger from Night in the Woods, and nobody understood my reference :( anyways i might just go as an alien/space guy but im notsure! i am very excited for halloween though :-) i do have some deadlines for the end of the month that i'm very stressed about, and things aren't moving as quickly as i'd like... and i have to take the PSATs on wednesday :(((( it''ll be okay i hope !

that's it for now ! its late and i have to sleep. sweet dreams !


hi guys hi okay i did end up getting a rental from my school!!! im not 100% sure if im allowed to use it for personal use but im givingthem money so... anyways this week has been good!!! on friday somehow we got a new car??? we upgraded to a 2022 Subaru Outback ... it has a cd player whichis the only thig i care about but it also has a sunroof and some weird bluetooth thingy!! we are still keeping our old car, and im so happy because once i get my drivers license ill be able to drive that one!! its yellow and its verycute :-) the only thing that's stopping me from starting that process is that i recently changed my legal name and i cant do anything until my new birth certificate gets mailed in... WHAEEVER!

i want pizza... on friday i re-watched the movie Rubber and it was just as weird and unsettling as last time! i dont want to spoil it, but it's basically about a homicidal tire in the middle of the desert.. when i was watching it i started recognizing the background, and i realized it was filmed in Joshua Tree National Park, the same place i visited this past summer!! southern California is so pretty ......

Sunday me and my girlfriend got starbucks and went to Spirit Halloween together! we didnt buy anything,, but we did see some VERY spooky costumes... we also went to Barnes & Noble and i found out they have a CD section which is very cool!! love that!! anyways we hung out at her house and later went out to get tacos for dinnerr!!! Monday i had theday off school and got my flu shot.. i honestly dont rememebr much of monday i was very sad and i didnt do much :(

yesterday was fun though, i hung out with one of my friends afterschool and we went to a cafe to study (we didn't end up doing much) and then we went 2 her house!! we're both My Chemical Romance fans, so we talked about their recent reunion tour and she played her Danger Days CD ^_^! we also watched a super scary video about a guy called "Mister Swirl" and i HATED IT!!! not because it was scary but it was just infuriating... anyways we talked about aliens and stuff too and that finally helped me decide on my Halloween costume!! i think im going to be a like alien/astronaut guy!! i wanted to be an alien who pretends to be an astronaut but my sister said thats basically like Among Us.. I HATE HER!! (i dont, shes helping me) but i think it's going to be verycool!! i want to watch more space/sci-fi movies to get costuming inspiration!

ive been wanting to make so many different things lately to the point where i cant focus on onething for toolong and i end up not doing anything :( i really want to make music,but i keep running into roadblocks so i cant do it :( i had some unfinished songs on Beepbox i had saved to my old computer but they all got lost when it broke ! and i also need more songs to practice on bass... and i want to do bass covers but i CANT because.. actualy i dont knwo why i could be doing that rn... anyways i also want to do filmmaking but NONE of the stupid film software wants to work on my macand it cant even read the files on my phone so what's the point :( anyways i should just focus on one thing !!

thats like.. it.. also happy THEY day!! i did not celebrate norwill i ever.. but i dolove them very much :-) and i love you, reader! bye bye!

album of the week: Factory Showroom - They Might Be Giants OR Nothing To Fear - Oingo Boingo


hii this week has been like pretty eventful... im writing this on a school loaner chromebook because on saturday my actual computer just stopped turning on :( like i think it just cantcharge, but i dont really want to go through the trouble of fixing it... i asked to get a new one this christmas, so ill just have to wait until then ^_^

On friday i hung out with my friend and my girlfriend, we made brownies and it started raining!! the weather has been so weird lately, it rained then but now this week the temperature issupposed to get up to around ~90! what?! I like october, but a lot of my family members' birthdays are this month, so its hard to find gifts for everyone.

saturday was kind of hard, i mainly just did a lot of tidying and ate ice cream in the car. Sunday my girlfriend told me her and her family were going to see Stop Making Sense in theatres, and she invited me!! it was fun, and it was interesting to see the subtle differences between the 1983 version and the remastered version :-) we got pizza afterwards but there was this like alarm thingy that went off when we got to her house that was scary :( Whenever i watch that movie im always thinking about it for a day or two afterwards.. it just sticks in my brain like molasses :P

Monday was pretty normal... ive been working on fixing an old pair of pants recently, its a pair of olive green carpenter pants that ive had for about 2 years now.. theyre my favorite pair of pants. Whenever they get a rip in them, i always patch them,... this recent fix is where i decided to rip out the inseam on both legs because it started to wear on the inner thigh, and it wouldve looked better all the way through. I feel like i need to refine my sewing skills, currently i just use embroidery thread and like kind of big stitches, which would explain why the patches fall apart occassionally (its only happened twice.. maybe three times now that i think about it) Ive also patched one of my flannels, but that also keeps ripping :( i think its better to use fabric that matches with the thickness of the original fabric, i used a tshirt for one of them and it didnt end well :(

Tuesday (yesterday) was both National Boyfriends day, and also my 8-month anniversary with my girlfriend!!! I made her some of her favorite cookies (chocolate chip ^_^) and she loved them!!! She got me some goldfish crackers, ground coffee, and a giraffe plushie :-)! I named the plush Fred, because most giraffes look like theyre named fred. She also played me her album she recently finished, and it was really good !! I was thinking about trying to make music, she makes it look so easy...

todays been kind of weird, but the mornings always are. Im in history class right now and i got a B+ on a recent assignment i worked hard on, which kind of brought down my mood :( also ive just been feeling scatterbrained lately but im sure itll get better as the day progresses!! ♥ ♥ ♥

album of the week: The Woods - Sleater-Kinney OR Factory Showroom - They Might Be Giants


(tw for medical issues and ed in the secondparagraph)

hiii!!! lifes been pretty interesting latelly.. there's been some ups and downs but itll be okay ♥ today i was goiing shopping for my friend A with my girlfriend, but i didnt end up finding anything for him. Tommorrow my sister wants to go to a thrift store, so im hoping ill find somethign! i did find a DEVO album though, my first one! ive also been playing bass a lot more, and i think im pretty good now!! ive been playing for two years now, so i would hope im getting better :-) im currently trying to learn Air by Talkign Heads, and the weird solo part during the pre-chorus is what ive been stuck on.. it is beautiful though, despite her weird autism comments Tina Weymouth is talented! i played Phanta by Le Tigre with my sister yesterday because shes getting into them, and im happy because i really loved that band a couple years ago and it was one of the first songsi learned :-) i hope i can learn more techniques soon!

okay time to be a debbie downer.. umm some not so great stuff has been happenign too, my estranged dad is in the hospital for the same thing my biological mother died of, so its been stressful trying to deal with that. He immediately went to asking about his will, and the way i found out is my mom told me he might be dying, so that was really bad. However, he'll probably be out by tuesday! Also i had another follow-up appointment for my ED, so that was also a lot to deal with on the same day. we did it though! im doing great in that, and the nurse complimented my shoes :-)

oh also i went over to emilys house for the first time in a little while too!! she lent me some beads for me to fix into a bracelet again :-) i also got her woodstock plush!!! she lvoes peanuts, so i love them too ♥ we might go to a peanuts museum at some point ^_^

what else what else... Ive also been meaning to start sewing my favorite pair of pants back up, since i ripped out the inseam to add some decor (it was also already fallingapart).. i love the idea of visible medning in clothes, but ive had to fix these same pants like 8 times... at least that means i can still wear them! thats all that matterS ^_^

The air quality in my area has gotten Mildy bad, but its looked kinda pretty in the morning... thats also why ive been trying ot learn Air is because i think its fitting T_T ive also been torn about wether or not i should go to a DEVO concert in november.. im kind of a fan, but also im not sure if it's worth a 3-hour drive... there's another concert closer to me but its really expensive :( i do wanna go to another concert though!

thats all! osrry it took so long to write again, ive been soo busy with school and life and all that. love you bye !

album of the week: I Like Fun - They Might Be Giants OR How Does An Electrostatic Motor Work? - Logan Whitehurst & The Junior Science Club


(tw for disordered eating in the third paragraph)

hello hello hello !!! its been around another week!! umm tthis week was kind of hard for me,, i didnt see my gf on tuesday and for some reaosn i felt really alone and spacey,, and this whole week ive felt very out of place like everywhere. ive also struggled with my eating and talking to my mom. but yesterday was fun!

wednesday i hung out w friends and my gf, we went to a record store and i found stop making sense on CD so i bought it! at the counter the cashier asked if i was a big talking heads fan (ofc i said i love them) and he gave me an extra poster for the remaster of Stop Making Sense!!! its small-ish, but i feel very lucky he gave it to me... it felt like fate that i went there.... we also went to a consignment store and sat on this concrete bridge thing over the creek. it was nice, i havent really hung out outside of school with them before, so it was nice to talk :-)

today it was pretty normal, i had to take the bus this morning because my mom had a 6:30 meetig (WTF) and she coudlnt drive me :( i ended up not eating anything until dinner around 7pm and im kind of mad at myself for it. the dinner and dessert was really filling and high-calore though, so its like totally fine. also my girlfriend got bit by a strayish dog when we were walking home and it wa sreally scary!!! luckily she wasnt bleeding or anything but it was awful :( ummm oh also the new Mitski album came out today!!! im listening to it again rn!! bc my timezone is PST, it actually came out at 9:00pm instead of midnight :-) i really like The Frost and Buffalo Replaced!!! i was so excited for this album to release, ive been waiting so long!!

theres been a lot of things on my mind this week and ive been crying a lot, but i know itll be okay soon anyways :-) dotn give up hope when things get hard! tommorrow im going over to my girlfriends house, and SUnday im going to a beach bonfire event hosted by my school with my friends! i hope your week's been good too ^_^ bye!!

album of the week: Fear Of Music - Talking Heads OR The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We - Mitski


(TW for gun violence in the second paragraph)

hiii its been around a week! man so much has happened... so last sunday (9/3) i took my girlfriend out for our 7-month anniversary!! we went to the planetarium and it was fun, the scinece center itself was situated on a hill with a forest around it, and i had found out after we left that buses dont actually goup there! we had to walk a little while down a street with no service, and then through the woods! i twisted my ankle twice, and eventually we decided to call my mom and get driven to a nearby neighborhood ! we got sushi and went to the local park, and it was really fun!! umm monday i had hung out w her again, we went thrift shopping :P this week was okay, i jusst kinda had to get through all my classes, but it turned out alright! i hung out w my friends during lunch a lot, and it wasn't as bad as i was expecting ^_^

oh wait there was one thing... on tuesdya my sister's school went on lockdown because shots were fired on campus... umm yeah nobody was hurt but as i heard it was a really scary experience :( she didnt have school the followign day, and on thursday there were a lot of news trucks and a cop were parked there, as well as the superintendent .. my mom was interviewed by NBC news though! i was sittign next to her in the car, but it didnt shwo me :( im reallly happy everyone was safe, but it was still really scary!

oh also ive been trying to get better w my eatign but its going weirdly :( everythign seems weird rn and it feels like im just pretending to be fine with my mental health and my relationships..... NO! im alwyas just hoping that things will 'go back to normal' but im starting to realize that if theyre never normal maybe they wont go back to it..... food for thought.... anywasy i hope i get better i guess

thats about it umm im workin on a cute little new page and i hope you cute little guys like it :-)

album of the week: Nanobots - They Might be Giants OR Talking Heads '77 - Talking Heads


hello!!! its september!!!! this is one of my favorite months of the year, with may, march, and august following :-) today has been really good, i went to the farmers market, two little trinket stores and also goodwill with my family!! we also got lunch at my favorite salad place, and some boba too !! i ended up getting two shirts, a pair of sunglasses, and a pin that reads 'APATHY KILLS' i bought a Summer Salt t-shirt, because when i was in like 7th grade i really liked them! i think im gonna try listneing to them more now, so i dont seem like a poser...

yesterday was,.... interesting .... that morning i think i got a sign from god or the universe or something, i dunno it didnt feel like a coincidence... we were drawing for lab partners and i was really wishing to get my one friend i have in that class, and i did!! we were pulling Uno cards, and we both got 8s which is also my favorite/lucky number!!! then, at lunch it was kind of cold so me, my friend, and my girlfriend got hot chocolates at a donut shop down the street !! then, em got news that her parents got covid, and had to cancel our plans for that night :( i was gnna come over to her house, and we were gonna get sushi and watch fast and the furious: tokyo drift !! that's my favorite, and at the moment we're trying to watch all the fast and the furious movies !! becuase she had to cancel i hung out with my friend, and we went to a cafe and got a slice of her favorite cake!! i thinnk it was chocolate cinnamon, but i dont remember... there was this kid that came in and he was about eight, but he ordered all by himself and he was acting so adult it was really silly !! then we went to her house and tried playing roblox, but it wasn't working very well :( we played Cheese Escape and it was really scary though!!!! that game has a really simple premise, but its really terrifying with sound. For some reason em got really upset about me hanging out w my friend tho, and so i was texting her the whole time :( we were really worried about her, and once i got home i cried a lot about it ... i was really stressed out over it and schoolwork, and i ended up venting a lot to my mom.. she gave me some good advice, and i ended up talking to my girlfriend about it !! that night i watched La La Land, and it was suprisingly really good!! i usually don't like musicals, but this one was really good!! i think Ryan Gosling is pretty talented, and so is Emma Stone!!!

im doing pretty well though, i feel bad though because i havent been able to do a lot of hobbies now bcause im so exhausted from school .... ill definitely try though, making art helps with your mood ♥ i finally wrote my response letter to my penpal (shes the same friend ihung out with yesterday!) and i also am blogging right now (duh)! tommorrow is my 7-month anniversary with Em, and im taking her to the local Space and Science center because she really likes stars and space in general :-) it has a really nice planetarium there too, so im hoping we can maybe catch a show there i love her so much, and despite the situation with her family, i think tmrw's gonna go well!!

i don't think i have anything else to talk about, i hope your August was good! bye bye

album of the week: From The Desk of Mr. Lady - Le Tigre

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