computers !!!

this is partially inspired by purplehello98's page on her old computers. basiclaly ill be talking about my mac and like computers i like slash want

retro computing resources

since i have only one old computer and it's a mac, i mainly use Macintosh Repository and Macintosh Garden for getting abandonware. Other than that, checking forums and official manuals from the internet archive is a good idea. I would reccomend looking up ANYTHING that youre unsure about, and be very delicate with yr computer!!!

MY IMAC G4 (2002)

this was made in 2002, and runs macOS X 10.3.9, aka 'Panther'. it was origianlly owned by my dad's good friend, but he left it at our house about 7 years ago, so its basically ours now. back in april of 2023 i cleaned it up and now i use it mainly for burning and ripping cds. it's also used for running old software, especially ones i cant emulate! I have kidpix deluxe 4, and Civilization 3 on there already ^_^ i've been trying to get the sims/the sims 2, but its really hard to figure out. i'll get it eventually! It has a little figure of Pete the Cat on the base that my sister won for me at a fair !

IMAC/IBOOK G3 (1999 - 2003)

this one i wanted a lot when i was younger, i really love how colorful all the different variations are! i was mainly inspired by Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, its a very good movie and in it she buys an orange ibook g3! i really like the design, but i think the mouse would be really uncomfortable to use. the wikipedia says that this computer was designed after apple switched designers, and it was centered aorund using transluscent plastics and more colors ^_^ i dont think it lasted very long though because this is like one of the only apple computers to have a wide variety of colors (excluding the modern ones now).

COMMODORE P.E.T. 2001 (1977)

I mianly like this computer because of the name!! it sounds very friendly and kind. and a pet. I really like how it has a seperate place for cassettes, and in general i think its very pretty! i know commodore is a big computer brand, and this computer in particular was very popular at it's time! it was highly praised for it's simple design, and idk its very cute. the PET line in general is cute, i just think this model is the best in my opinion ^_^ they did name it the pet on purpose, but later they decided that it would mean Personal Electronic Transactor ! the wikipedia page is the first place ive ever seen the term 'backronymed' used, but its a good use of the word !

TOSHIBA T3100 (1986)

this laptop is technically discontinued by now, but isnt every cool thing? i really love the red display, it definitely sets it apart from a lot of other computers. For some reason the wikipedia page doesn't have a lot of information about it, but ill try to research more later! here's the link if you wanna read more :-) I know it was released almost 40 years ago, but it still amazes me how little data these computers can store! the original version of this computer can only handle 10MB!! thats insane! i have a little plastic stick that can fit more than 1000 times that!! it was advertised as a 'luggable' (portable) computer, but only 5th generation is fully portable.