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I'm With Stupid

Aimee Mann

i found this CD for like 3 dollars at my local reuse store!! my friend had played me one of the songs on it on the car ride back from prom, and i also saw it in a cd store yesterday and she said it was good,, so i bought it!! im only halfway through it right now but ill update on what my favorite song is later :-) currently my favorites are:
1. choice in the matter
2. par for the course
3. frankenstein

Only A Lad

Oingo Boingo

i bought this today!!! this was the first oingo boingo album i listened to, and ive been looking for it for a while!!! i really like all the songs except for the first and last, and since this is an expanded version it includes the oingno boingo ep which includes 5 other songs!!! my favorite songs are:
1. on the outside
2. controller
3. imposter

The Best of The Art of Noise

The Art of Noise

my friend got me this cd for an early birthday present!!!! she asked the clerk at our local music store for recommendations for artists that are similar to TMBG, and they recocommended her this !!! i havent listened to it yet but it looks pretty good so far :-)

The Name of This Band is Talking Heads

Talking Heads

this is the talking heads' live album that they released right before Speaking in Tongues came out !!! its a 2-disc cd, so i included the alternate cover :-) it has a lot of cool stuff on it, and also a pretty cool booklet too!! my favorite songs are:
1. memories can't wait
2. once in a lifetime during wartime
4. warning sign
5. brorn under punches

Freedom Of Choice


LOVEEE this album!!! ive been looking for it for a while, and today i went CD shopping with my girlfriend after a couple months of not doing it, and i finally fouund it!! they also had new traditionalists and oh no its devo but i didnt get those... my favorite devo song is also on here (planet earth)!! my favorite songs are:
1. planet earth
2. gates of steel
3. snowball

Fear of Music

Talking Heads

my girlfriend got me this for our 1-year anniversary!!! i love this album :-) funnily enough, when my tumblr was this theme, i had this version of the cd as my profile photo!! what a small wordl! anyways, i was totally obsessed with this album last fall, and i also found out today that this is tmbg's favorite talking heads album! my top 3 songs are:
1. memories can't wait
2. cities (i can play this on bass!)
3. air (and i can play this one too!!)

Phone Power

They Might Be Giants

this was another christmas present that my aunt got me!! i really like the design of this album ... wonder why they named it phone power... umm yes i like the majority of this album and also there is a LOT of dedications on the booklet like literally two full pages of little names ... anyways mwah i love this album especially the destiny's child cover (that's what made me want to listen to it...) my favorite songs are:
2. Daylight
3. I'll Be Haunting You
bonus: I Am Alone, It Said Something, I Love You For Psychological Reasons, actually just this whole album its very good its all my favorite

Join Us

They Might Be Giants

this was a christmas present that my girlfriend got me!!!! i think i first listened to thsi album back in april, and i think it's prett good :-) i know on their wiki there's a pdf availible to make a papercraft version of the hearse on the cover, but i havent tried it yet :-) I was suprised about the design of the disc and the boooklet also! its a lot prettier than what i originally thought (no offense...) my favorite songs are:
1. Judy is Your Viet Nam
2. Protagonist
3. You Don't Like Me

More Songs About Buildings And Food

Talking Heads

this cd has a sticker on the front that says 'ORIGINAL ISSUE' and i don't really know what that's suppsoed to mean! the discogs thingy said it was made in 1987 and that's more believeable.. nayways i like the album art for this one,now the amount of tmbg cds and talking heads cds i have are equal! a lot of these songs sound really similar, and im currently learning Warning Sign and The Good Thing on bass!!! also my Tumblr url is from a lyric from the first song! these are my top 3 songs :
1. Thank You For Sending Me An Angel
2. The Big Country
3. The Good Thing

Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!

who do you think.

the guy on the album cover scares me... i first heard of devo from my dad liking Whip It, but i acutally started listenign to them after my mutual peanut kept posting about them.. theyre pretty good!! im not sure what my favoirte album is by DEVO,, but this is up there ^_^ i didnt know this until today, but this album (and probably others) were produced by Brian Eno, the same guy who produced for my favorite band the Talking Heads! crazy! anyways my top three songs are:
1. Come Back Jonee
2. Space Junk
3. Jocko Homo

Stop Making Sense

Talking Heads

the remaster of the movie recently came out in theatres this past monday, and i went to the record store today with my friends and the cashier also gave me a free poster for it!! honestly i prefer live versions to studio versions for songs, and my two favorite songs from this album arent on this version :( i love the design, love the story they were trying to tell, i love this movie ! my favorite songs are:
1. Crosseyed and Painless
2. Cities



i was at this like reuse crafts store with my sister and her friend, and they had a music section with cds and records and cassettes! her friend gave me this cd and said she thought i'd like it, so i bought it! also it was only 1.50, so if i didnt like it, it wasn't a ttotal loss. im listening to it right now and its pretty good! i like how slow and calm it is, and the electronic samples are very nice. i like it! i dont know what song im on right now but it has nice organs ! no top 3, because i dont eveen know which songs are which at the moment!

Stranger In the Alps

Pheobe Bridgers

during quarintine i really liked pheobe bridgers and this is myfavorite album by her!! she's really talented, and a lot of these songs are very near and dear to my heart ♥ i know im not the only one to say this but a lot of her songs especially on this album i can relate to and like apply to my own life and its nice to hear that other peopleunderstand i guess ... IDK i love her and i love this album! my top three songs are:
1. Scott Street
2. Motion Sickness
3. Would You Rather

Dead Man's Party

Oingo Boingo

when i first listened to this album,i didn't really like it aside from Same Man i was Before, but now ive really grown on it!! i love the album cover and the design in general, and also i think it is really iconic, so it makes sense why this is their most popular album (i think)! this one came in much better condition, but the case still isnt great :( my favorrite tracks are:
1. Fool's Paradise
2. No One Lives Forever
3. Dead Man's Party

Nothing to Fear

Oingo Boingo

this album was the one that i most rememebr of summer 2022.. i saw it in the window of a store on vacation then and i decided 2 listen to it!! also it's probably one of my favorites of all time.. when i was at the record store today i saw two versions of this, and clearly i went for the cheaper version ($4) and when i got home and opened it i found out that the lyric booklet had water damage and the pages were stuck together!!! yay!!1 i was kinda disappointed but not every four dollar cd is gonna be in pristine condition.. anywyas my top 3 songs from this album are:
1. Whole Day Off
2. Private Life
3. Nothing to Fear (But Fear Itself)

The Mini Album of Luv

Logan Whitehurst & the Junior Science Club

this is the companion album (ep?) to Goodbye My 4-Track,, and it has all the unused songs that never made the cut.. i really liked some of the songs though! i love the Whole Day Off cover, that's one of my favorite oingo boingo songs ^_^ i should get a oingo boingo cd... anyways i lvoe the sound this album has,, its very electronic and cute!! (i cant describe it,, youre gonna have to trust me).. my favorite songs are:
1. Whole Day Off
2. Weep Day
3. When I'm Dead

Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum

Tally Hall

i had a big tally hall phase last spring, and this album was my favorite from them!! the only reason why i bought this and the Mini Album of Luv was because i had some coupon codes for the record label and i wanted 2 use them! but i really like this album, i think some of the other stuff they did like the internet show was really cool! also, i might actually visit the real museum the album was named after one day,, because i have some family in michigan :P my favorite songs are:
1. Good Day (im a sucker ik)
2. Two Wuv
3. Ruler Of Everything

Apollo 18

They Might Be Giants

this is actually kinda one of my favorite albums ever!! i love the artwork, and aalmost all the songs are like really good!! i like The Statue Got Me High's music video, and in general this album really reminds me of october 2022.. i think its the squid ... anyways my girlfriend found this for me at a record store and im so happy i finally have it!! my favorite songs are:
1. The Statue Got Me High
2. I Palindrome I
3. See The Constellation

Damn Skippy

Lemon Demon

i've been waiting for a physical version of this album ever since i first listened to it in february of 2021... its so good like genuinely one of my favorite albums of all time i really love how silly it is and it jst like has this like specific energy thats so fun and like carefree!! i really also like the art and all the work that was put into it,, i think the bonus content for this album and honestly for any lemon demon album is so interesting and adds sm to the music... yeah IDK i rllly like damn skippy! my favorite songs are:
1. Flamingo Legs
2. New Way Out
3. Word Dissassociation

Speaking in Tongues

Talking Heads

OK this is my favorite talking heads album!!! i love it!!! the only song i don't like is Swamp, but other than that no skips :-) i also didn't notice until today that there are pictures of chairs on the cover for some reason ??? also i jst found out like 2 days ago that apparently a lot of people get married to This Must Be The Place?/ it doesnt seeem like a super romantic song but to each their own... anyways i listened to this album on a school trip w my gf and also it was the first talking heads album i listened to :-) my favorite songs are:
1. Making Flippy Floppy
2. This Must Be the Place
3. Pull Up the Roots

John Henry

They Might Be Giants

i think i started listening to this album back in february,, and i rlly rlly like it!! i got it for like 4 bucks which was rlly suprising,, ive seen it sold super cheap and i cant tell if that's a good thing or a bad thing... it's a good album, i think the photoshoot for it is also super cool,, and i like almost all the songs on it :-) its hard to say, but my favorite songs are:
1. Destination Moon (im learnign it on bass rn!!)
2. I Should Be Allowed to Think
3. Spy

Remain in Light

Talking Heads

okay i also got this from my gf but this album cover is so cool,, talking heads r one of my favorite bands,, n this album has Once in a Lifetime on it which is prolly gonna b my top song of 2023 (by may 12 ive listened to it 148 times)
my favorite songs r:
1. Once in a Lifetime
2. Crosseyed and Painless
3. Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)

Flower Boy

Tyler, the Creator

my girlfriend got me this album for my birthday too,, n she also introduced me to tyler :)) i rlly like how laid-back this album is,, it has a rlly specific aesthetic to the whole thing that it does rlly well!!
my favorite songs r:
1. November
2. Pothole
3. I Ain't Got Time!

Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

My Chemical Romance

my friend got me this cd for my birthday,, and i rlly rlly love it!!! i also have the cover on a shirt i got from hot topic back in 2021 :-)
i rlly like the album cover and the disc art is so pretty :)))) my fav songs r:

1. Give 'Em Hell, Kid
2. Cemetery Drive
3. Hang 'Em High

Live From The Haunted Candle Shop (bootleg)

Lemon Demon

this one kinda turned out worse... i forgot to include the first three songs when burning it,, and i cant rewrite it bc its a CD-R and not CD-RW :( i love the disc tho.. my favorite songs are:

1. fire motif
2. swizterland 3.
birdhouse in your soul (cover)

Bullets (bootleg)

My Chemical Romance

listen i know its illegal but its not like im selling it... i finally got a mac so i burned some bootleg cds n im rlly happy w how they turned out!!! this is my favorite my chem album too :) my favorite songs are:
1. skylines and turnstiles
2. drowning lessons
3. Our Lady of Sorrows

Here Comes Science

They Might Be Giants

okay i really like the album's design,, i found it while at a record store and it was six dollars.. and it was the only tmbg cd they had... i like it though!! my favorite songs would be:
1. roy g. biv (i named a teddy bear after it)
2. speed and velocity
3. why does the sun shine?

where did i buy this?

Good & Evil

Tally Hall

tally hall was one of my favorite bands, and the cd itself only got repressed earlier this year!! before that, it was super rare n selling for insane prices. i love the disc art,, and the design is super pretty :) my fav songs would be:
1. you & me
2. hymn for a scarecrow
3. fate of the stars!

where did i buy this?

Goodbye, my 4-Track

Logan Whitehurst & the Junior Science Club

i love this album!!! its so !!!! i only found this one back in september, but its like a brother to me :) also i really like the cover art too! my favorite tracks would prolly be:
1. at the wig store
2. how ya doing, emily?
3. the robot cat :P

where did i buy this?

How to Save a Life

The Fray

okay, i was at goodwill, and i saw this cd for like two dollars. ive never listened to the album, but i really liked one of their songs, and it was like dirt cheap, so now i have it!! i really like the cover design, but now that ive listened to the album i'll probably sell it on ebay.. its pretty though!!


They Might Be Giants

my second cd!! i love this album so much, and i love the cover art!! plus, the disc looks really nice too :))) i linked the ebay store where i bought this from, they have good reviews! also i found out a couple months after i got it that the cover was actually folded out to be a poster! i have it on my wall :-) my favorite songs are :
1. Birdhouse in Your Soul (this is the first tmbg song i listened to ok)
2. Twisting
3. Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love
where did i buy this?


Lemon Demon

yeah. so i only have one cd right now, but its like my prized possession. i think i got my copy right after my birthday, but ive wanted it since needlejuice announced its repress!! i love the disc art, and the music itself is great too!!
where did i buy this?