sometimes we have to eat

i like to cook!! i dont do it as much,, but when i did i took a lot of photos ^_^ i may make a seperate page for baking, but for now its all combined!

hover over an image for more info :-)

normal food stuff ive made

pasta chicken stir fry?

okay so i think this was like frozen garlic stir fry my mom made, and i also added some cucumber too lolz

rice and an egg

i think this is cauliflower rice, cheese, and a fried egg?? i eat eggs so often wtf

rice, cucumber, and cheese

okay yeah this is cauliflower rice and some cucumber, and also i put some cheese and chips on there??

fried egg in a hole!

okay i think i got this idea off the internet,, and it was really fun to make :-)) this was before i learned how to properly fry an egg, but its okay!

cucumber n tajin

im pretty sure this is just chopped cucumber w lime and tajin.. it was really good though

cauli rice and ham?



k this was so nasty.. its tuna, bell peppers, scrambled eggs, and pickles. i didnt heat up the tuna btw
love this bowl though

pizza toast!!

this is tomato paste, some mozzarella, and ham on toast that i baked!! it was really good, but i think it wouldve been better w shredded cheese :P

baked items

thumbprint cookies!!

these are shortbread cookies with strawberry jam in them, i also made ones with blackberry jam that were hearts :-)


ough,,,, this is box mix cake and premade frosting btw

she broke while i was transferring her to a plate, and it was so sugary too

apple pie!

i made this for fourth of july!! im really proud of the decor, but the filling itself was too dry..

peanut butter cookies

this was the first thing i made,, and i rly like them :-)) also, this was the only photo i had of them, so the cropping is a bit odd :P

chocolate chip cookies :)

These are the only cookies im actually selling right now,, and theyre pretty good!! also,, theyre really easy to make :)

clementine sugar cookies!

this is the most recent thing i made,, and its pretty easy if you have all the ingredients!!

pumpkin chocolate muffins

these were made with greek yogurt,, and they smelled really nice :)
heres the recipe!

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