hii!! welcome 2 my gum review log!! this is where i just talk about all the gum ive ever tried, and ill give them a rating out of 10! ive been doing this since April of 2021, so theres a decent amount of stuff!!

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airheads candy gum-watermelon
ummm its pretty good,, the flavor doesnt last that long tho... also i jst dont really like watermelon that much but candy gum in general is definitely a groundbreaking concept.

ice cubes- piña colada
umm its kinda sweet for me,, but i like the flavor!! the textures a little weird,, but idk how old the gum actually is…

dentyne-spicy cinnamon
mm i like the packaging, its different than other brands ive tried before a little too spicy for me... also, the packaging said that the flavor would last 60 minutes,, but i timed it and it was only 30. i dont know what i expected though.

wrigley's-juicy fruit
i love the color, the packagings a bit interesting, too. i didnt expect it to be a bubblegum flavor!

big 5- sweet mint maze
ok, this tastes the same as orbit sweet mint, but thats honestly the best mint flavor ever ♡ plus, this brand always has colored wrappers, which probably makes it my favorite gum brand :))))

trident gum-watermelon twist
i dont really like watermelon flavored things,, but this specific gum is so nostalgic to me… this has so many memories attached to it i cant even begin to explain

ice cubes-sparkleberry
i really dont know what i was expecting,, what even is sparkleberry? anyway, it did have glitter in it, and overall it was pretty good!!

starburts gum-original
this is rly good!! i like the amount thats in each pack, and flavorwise it tastes really sweet and strong!! plus, the flavor doesnt go away for a long time :-)) i think theyres four different colors, but im not sure if theyre a different flavor.

orbit gum-strawberry
tastes exactly the same as wrigleys 5, but thats understandable because theyre manufacturered by the same company. the only difference is that its in a smaller stick, like trident-size.
9/10, it has a VERY strong scent

wrigleys 5- strawberry flood
HOLY SHIT, amazing really strong flavor, very sour and sweet, the wrappwr is a gorgeous pink metallic, bur you can smell it from really far away.. its also the big sticks like with extra, not tiny. wrigleys gum in general is rly good tho!!!
9/10 gorgeous

marawaka bubblegum- orange
this has such an amazing real orange flavor, it tasted exactly like a clementine!!! again, the texture isnt what i expected, but it does seem to keep its flavor for a while. however, the aftertaste is rly sour and gross, probably due to its citrus flavor. i do like the shape they come in though! its very cute.

maruwaka bubblegum- strawberry
same container and texture, but this time the flavor seemed more artificial! it kind of tasted like strawberry milk though, and it had a nice color :33

maruwaka bubblegum: melon
i love the container these come in! plus, the ball shape is really unique! sadly the flavor isnt that strong past the first couple chews, but its still very good! the melon tastes very real! 7/10

trident gum-cinnamon
wow!! the minute you take off the plastic you can smell it. i love how they make it sweet, with only slight spiciness. in general, trident's another really good gum brand, and the cinnamon flavor is very strong. plus, theres a bright color to the actual gum that stays that way!!

ice cubes-black cherry
really great texture!! the cube shape makes it fun !! its a great minty flavor mixed with strong fruit flavor. great!!!!

airheads candy gum- blue raspberry
great taste and color at the beginning, interesting texture due to the candy, sadly it fades relatively quickly and its super squeaky when you chew.
6.5/10 :-)

trident gum- pinapple twist
whats with trident and adding ‘twist’ after everything? great smell, great taste, very bright and refreshing!

trident gum- wild blueberry twist
ughh this is such a good combo!! on the front it has blueberry and a pomegranate, so im assuming thats the combo. the colors great, and the taste doesnt fade that quickly.
8/10, the packaging is so pretty

airheads candy gum-watermelon
i love the candy stripe in the middle, it takes gum to another level in terms of consistency. the watermelon flavor was a bit strong, but it got sour after a bit. the flavor was strong, though.
7/10, i dont like watermelon :P

kool aid gum-grape
it breaks up and is super dry when you first bite it, and has a very stiff consistency! amazing flavor at first, but not much pigment. after only a little while, it gets super gross and like……. chemical. like, the gross stuff after a slurpee melts, but without the flavor.
3/10, only because grape is my favorite flavor.

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