cat hat!!

despite the name,, i did not mean for this to turn out as a hat. originally, i was going to make a sweater out of these skeins of yarn, but i didnt have enough. then, i wanted ot make legwarmers,, but i got about 3/4 of the way through the first one before realizing: i dont wear legwarmers. so,, i had decided to just make a really long rectangle, fold it over, and then whipstitch all around!! this is honestly one of my favorite yarns i own at the moment, the colours are so pretty and omg its soo soft!! ive worn thsi a couple times and i can say its really warm and heavy, so it was perfect for when i finished it,, which was around november 2022. fun project, i love it, 10/10 :) also apoligies about the photos, i was too lazy to make everything transparent :P

yarn: lost the label :( pattern: already told ya,, you can look up tutorials if ur desperate