☆ - emerald vest - ☆

this is the oldest project i have that i own and i have a photo of... i think i made this august 2021,, and i have a lot of memories of knitting this during my sisters lacrosse practice... the yarn is so soft, and its such a pretty color,, it almost reminds me of peacocks or gems...

i dont really feel like this project ever got fully finished,, because originally i was going to add ribbing on the collar, sleeves,, and the bottom.. i made this when i didnt know a lot about knitting,, so i was reallly hindered about how to do a lot of things i wanted to do. now,, i can pick up stitches, read patterns, and also do stockinette and ribbing now!!!

yarn: Lion Brand Landscapes- 'Apple Orchard' pattern: self-written, if i find it itll be here :)