this is just all the stuff ive found while running this site!! enjoy ^_^


☆w3schools☆ - helpful html, css, and javascript resources!! this literally saved my life LOL

☆rv's javascript effects☆ - really cool effects for your site!! i used this for the cursor effect :-)

☆the internet archive☆ - the archive.. of the internet.. has everything. the wayback machine & gifcities came from here

☆cursors 4 u ☆ - animated cursors!!! very cute :-)

☆what is the web revival?☆ - a blogpost about .. the web revival :P

☆macintosh repository☆ - repository of abandonware for old macs!

☆macintosh garden☆ - another abandonware archive

☆fuck it, internet guide☆ - a list of links that could be more useful than this one!

☆youtube to mp3 converterr☆ - also does playlists and

☆147 colors☆ - visual list of all css color names

☆html unicode table☆ - a table of all the unicode codes for html

☆stack overflow☆ - support forum for html/css/javascript...

graphic repositories/creators

☆dinopixel☆ - cool pixel art maker!! you can also make gifs !!

☆kapwing☆ - another image editor.. it puts a watermark after like 3 uses so i wouldnt recommend T.B.H.

☆picasion☆ - a really good glitter text maker!

☆lunapic☆ - image editor!! this ones completely free

☆ezgif☆ - gif maker & editor !

☆online image tools☆ - online image pixelator!!

☆geoblinkies☆ - a blinkie search engine with text and image descriptions!

☆imgbb☆ - free image hosting site, great for code editors like codepen

☆gifcities☆ - a gif search engine that uses gifs from geocities sites from the wayback machine

☆cool text graphics☆ - SUCH a good text generator!!! this is the burning text thingy

☆88x31 sites☆ - collection of 88x31 site buttons from neocities users

☆3d gif maker!☆ - another gif maker! this one makes cubes and stuff from one image...

fun stuff :-)

☆tamaNOTchi☆ - cute virtual tamagotchi!! you can even embed it with html!

☆damn skippy☆ - html file that comes with the disc of damn skippy by lemon demon!!

☆cornflakes☆ - cornflakes.

☆cut bread☆ - try to cut bread as even as possible!

☆93.js☆ - in-browser recreation of windows 98!!

☆astronomy picture of the day ☆ - what it says on the tin ^_^ run by NASA!!

☆top 100 http sites☆ - the top 100 sites worldwide that dont use https :-)

☆ucanet☆ - a dns server for vintage/retro computers !

☆beepbox 2.3☆ - chiptune song maker!

☆TMBW☆ - they might be giants' official wiki! they have lots of guitar/bass tabs as well as tons of other information about the band :-)

☆the wikipedia game☆ a game about trying to find the fastest path from one wikipedia page to another! super fun to play during class ^_^

☆they might be giants suck ass club☆ a very official club with very official and real members.

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