its march. the month of march.


sooo umm hii!! its march!!! i rlly wanted to do smth tmbg themed,, n lately i rllly like the song ana ng!!! umm so this month's page is inspired by tmbgs second album Lincoln, released in 1988 :P i rlly like the albums design,, and im hoping to own it on cd one day (the elektra verson btw).. i only have one tmbg cd,, since 1) theyre not really selling any cds i want, and 2) its probably easier to find in a store... i only bought flood because its my favorite :)
well, i wouldnt say its my favorite, but i would say its the one that i know the most.. birdhouse in your soul was the first tmbg song i listened to,, and umm idk i love the album cover :P whatever!!!!!! i love the disc art for both lincoln and flood though,, thats what the disc is to the left ! but umm yeah theyre my favorite band and i love the majority of their songs!! my favorite album a the moment is john henry,, i love love love Destination Moon and umm Thermostat !!! im hoping to own more cds in the future, but i like never go to record stores... :(

but yeah.. its the third.. my half-brother turns 28 today,, and umm i havent contacted him since june 2021 teehee

umm lets see.. on tuesday i went over to my girlfriends house and like actually made out with them.. pretty crazy stuff.. afterwards my mom dragged me to whole foods and i felt so disoriented bc like.. i just made out with someone.. that was me... how am i supposed to grocery shop in these conditions.... anywho im seeing them sunday again too and i cant wait!!! even though we go to the same school n hang out all the time it still feels like i dont really get to spend time with them :( sunday though!!
i think thursday i also visited my friends house with my girlfriend so i could meet her dog!! her dogs soo cute and tiny,, and she was literally so energetic.. it was the best,, n my friend said her dog liked me a lot :)) it was really fun,, and she played three cheers for sweet revenge on vinyl!! i sung along to a lot of it,, n my gf said i had a good singing voice ♥♥♥

this week i also had a lot of tests,, and it was really stressful and im pretty sure i got worse grades than last quarter.. ive just been stressed and distracted and AAH i hope i can do retakes.. :(

ummmmm tommorrow is my nieces 1st birthday party,, and i knitted her a hat in late january!! i still havent wove in the ends for the colourwork,, so i should probably get on that at some point before it starts... its so weird to think that she's already one, i remember when she was born.. its also weird to think that im an aunt, but whatever.. she might not even remember me, which kind of makes me sad... i try my best to play with her when im babysitting though... ah whatever

umm also ive been so so so so so so sos ososo osfisudxj stressed out about cleaning so that my girlfriend can come over,, but also at the same time im sad enough i dont actually DO any of it.. i cried so many times today but like its not because i was sad it was like circumstantial.. i bled through my white pants in algebra and then cried bc i was reminded im born female... then i cried walking home because i found out one of my classmate's dad recently died,, and i just thought of my dead mom... and uh... yeahsdsj...... and then i cried again because i was listenign to Melodramaby Lorde and that album makes me so mentally ill!!!!! i love The Louvre though.. its a really really good album so im not complaining

okay wow i do have a lot to say... i would keep talkign but my hands are actually starting to hurt.. i wanted to finish this page today bc like happy birthday half brother and happy birtthday to this page yeah woohoo yippee


hihihi!!! ive had such a great week its actually crazy... some stuff was kinda bad but like i feel like my lifes just been so great lately!!!

so... the forecast said that there was gonna be a tropical storm coming in this week,, but the only really rainy day was thursday,, and it was AWFUL!! i had to walk home that day and my pants and shoes were soaked !! the water was so high it went over the sidewalk,, the streets were almost flooded... i got home okay though,, but omg it sucked... it did rain a little today though,, but not as much :P

umm... today i went to a bookstore with my girlfriend,, and also a coffeeshop,, n also just walked around for a while :P it was really nice,, and i love spending time w them... idk they just make me feel so happy i feel like i could really be with them forever... theyre so great idk i really click with them ♥♥♥ ive been dating for them for around a month now and i feel like weve done so mcuh,, i love them

okay so i think yesterday (3/10) i got an imac that a family friend left at our house a couple years ago,, and i finally got permission to have it !!! it took me a couple hours to clean it up,, but im so so happy!! i did end up taking apart the keyboard,, and individually washing each key,, letting that dry,, and putting it together :P im rlly happy i did though, it was so disgusting :( kinda shocked it still works 19 years later.. shes my child i love her, but the person who had her before gave me a password that didnt work !! i still do need to clean the screen,, and i had to find a user manual for it. turns out i cant use the internet without an ethernet cable (i think) so i have 2 get that set up.. the thing im most excited about is the disk drive though, i cant wait to see the extras on my dinosaurchestra and also burn some cds too.. i want bullets on a cd i dont care if its bootleg!!! anywho i love her so much shes gorgeous

hmmm lets see what else... i feel like i really want to do a lot more creative projects,, but theres not enough time.. i play bass more often, but i wanna fixx some clothes and also make zines and paint and draw ... i did draw some with oil pastels last night but idk.... im so busy now but also i have a lot on my mind ... ive been really stressed too about my relationship and grades and time passing AAAAH

also i did get really good grades i dont know why im complaining (the lowest was an A wtf) .. im suprised about that actually,, but i guess that means i remember stuff well.. actuallly yeah what the hell why did i do so well now im suspicious

anyways yeah!! i also havent updated this site in a week,, but i have kinda been distracted with life and all that... forgive me internet..
i hope your march is nice too,, ill try to do more here also :)


hihihihihihhihkafdkhakjadjfkjasfjfsdfkjfd;fdjsfdkfjdsdf okay i havent written one of these in 8 days,, but like hi!! this week was so so amazing u literally have no idea it was the best ever my life is so great lately and its just been really amazing :))

i havent been very focused recently like actually its so stressful i cant do anything oh my god i feel like im going insane what the hell mannnn

okay today was rlly good,, i hung out w my girlfriend and we went a record store.. i got here comes science for six bucks im so happyyy omgghajhdkakjdf we also walked their dog and did other stuff but it was rlly fun :P

umm hmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m yeah i dunno i feel bad i havent updated my site that frequently but like im a busy man yk i have a job i have a wife n kids yoou know how it is

umm oh i got into that imac g4 i had recieved last week !! i had decided to just do a factory reset which turned out fine because the harddrive was still there and all the previous owner's stuff n applications were still there,,, hmm so i have a lot of adobe programs and like i think a couple more things,, but yesterday i did manage to get a few things (cd-roms,, colored jewel cases,, n a flashdrive) so i could burn my own cds!! ive done bullets mcr and also lfthcs by lemon demon :)) they look kinda bad n i didnt do enough research so i didnt get the type that could b rewriteable... umm i ended up not getting the first three tracks for live from the haunted candle shop but its okay bc its not like i can redo it :( whatever

i really like my computer now though :3 umm yeah i dont know i cant connect to the internet so i had to resort to using a flashdrive but its fine i guess

also i changed my tumblr theme too its lincoln themed just like this page :))) i dont know i rlly like that album at the moment and ana ng i rlly rlly like that song :P yeah i wanna own it on cd but i havent seen it anywhere :( its okay though ill find it eventually..... WHATEVER!!!

godd this is so incoherent im so distracted at the moment todays been really insane sorry LOLZ


ok oko ok ok todays the 1st birthday of this site!!! a year ago today it was created!!!!!1 woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i took some photos of when it was still a newborn but i didnt ask the wayback machine to crawl it so i dont have anythign earlier than june 6... its okay thoyh its all okay... i might redesign it or jst recolor it at some point because i feel bad leaving it alone to marinate for so long... ill also attach photos 2 :3

umm. yeah. i finally finished making a cd for my girlfriend last night!! it took me a week bc i had to find the songs,, convert them to mp3s, transfer them to a flash drive (i name her sally), transfer them to my mac, realize the mp3s are corrupted, trying with a different converter, it failing, and then spending an hour finding and uploading the mp3s TwT.. at least i got it done and it looks super cute!!!

on other news i kinda feel not awesome....... i rlly kinda overate a lot today and im afraid its becoming a habit but its fine i jst need to distract myself.... i dont know ive eaten so much today and i jst feel like i cant ever fully be normal w that stuff anymore but theres not really any full definition of nromal... hmm

album of the week:
Le Tigre-Le Tigre