plushies, spelled out of beanie baby bears holding the letters

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Sleepy sheep

☚ this is sleepysheep. my oldest and most beloved plush. She's very dear to me; i got him when i was like one or two, and she used to have a little soundbox in the back that played ocean sounds.. also this is an old photo - i sewed her ear back on, so now she can hear perfectly fine now :^)


☚ this is camo! camo is another plush that's very dear to me. i got him with my mom's daughter (it makes sense iswear) at a local build-a-bear when i was around 7 or 8.


i think i got bug for my 13th birthday, it was a really nice suprise because all my friends planned a cute suprise party for me and they played the animal crossing birthday music because i was obsessed with that game at the time... and also i was obsessed with frogs too so i got a lot of frog gifts too... anyways that was a really fun day :-)


i really dont remember where i got honey... ive had her for the longest time... shes really soft and squishy i think she's supposed to be a bear but beccause of her rectangular shape its hard to distinguish that...

Meece Mice (Miko)

im pretty sure his original name is Miko, because that's what it said on the tag... ive had him for so long but a couple months ago i gave him away to my girlfriend in exchange for a woodstock plushie! i love him and im sure he's having fun at her house ♥


i believe i got this guy at Target... mainly because my dad said it was really scary and i loved him.. so i bought him out of spite (i was an evil kid..).. rest assured those teeth are in fact plastic! they are made very well so i can see where the confusion would lie ☺

Kirby & Waddle Dee

i've never played an official kirby game, only demos... however i was out shopping back in 2021 with my best friend and we saw these and bought them :-) im pretty sure they got smaller keychain versions of them, i wonder if they still have theirs..


also on that same day that i was shopping with my friend my sibling came along too! they bought this minecraft plushie and we named her in the checkout line ♥

Jellycat Bear

in middle school one of my closest friends at the time got me plushies for different holidays !! it was really kind of her and i think this one was for like christmas or something.. its very cute and is the only jellycat i own!


that same friend also gifted me this one for valentine's day :-) it used to have 3 reeses cups attached to it but i ate those a long time ago.. she was a really good friend

Wolf ☺

i got this plush for my birthday in 2022, probably from a zoo gift shop or something.. i cant remmeber who got it for me though.. that year my birthday coensided with a school trip, so a lot of my friends got me gifts from local souvenir shops and stuff :-)

Keroppi Egg

so that school trip i had spent two weeks there.. when i returned i opened up the door to my room to see this enormous creature sitting in my chair waiting for me. Keroppi is one of my favorite sanrio characters and my family got me him for my birthday too!! hes very cute he just sits on my bed all day


during that school trip in 2022 i also bought my sibling a plush from a famous aquarium.. they loved it ☺

Tom Nook

i don't remember specifically when i got him... but this one is not from build-a-bear, its actually from target! i really appreciate his wonkyness and i think off-brand is the better brand :^)

Roy G. Biv

this one is a build-a-bear! i named him after the they might be giants song Roy G. Biv, because for some reason around that time (september 2022) i was obsessed with Here Comes Science. and i have since bought the album!


so when i bought Roy, my sister also got this build-a-bear! neither of us remember her name though... she has a nice sweater though!


the IKEA brontasaurus... i named him after, again, a they might be giants song (can you tell what my favorite band is...) and i once brought him to school! never again though! i like his wonky head ☺
birthday dog!

birthday dog (..russ?)

his birthday was actually this past week!! 1/21/22 was when i got him!! it wasn't even my birthday but i saw him at my local reuse store and thought his little party hat was so cute... he sits at my desk all day !! the reaosn why his name is a questin is because that's the name of his brand, but i haven't decided a name for him yet.


do you remember earlier when i said i traded Meece Mice for another plush? well this is that plush! i think woodstock is really cute, and beause my girlfriend loves peanuts, ive started to be more interested in that comic strip too :-) so we traded!!!


so... for our 11-month anniversary my girlfriend gave me this guy.. turns out she's actually owned him since she was really young so i was so touched by it... also giraffes are my favorite animal ☺ i love him so much