i know this file is named for the tenth,, but when i created it i wasnt really that focused on writing. so here we are! im in the middle of computer science class, but since this is coding im sure its fine LOL

i feel kinda bad for not updating my site as much as i should, and i have a lot of ideas that i cant wait to execute. i mean, i still need to finish writing different things for my knit pieces, add more art,, and i think i still need to change all the hotlinking on this page. but whatever! blogging's more important anyway. and also ive been busy with school and life and being really really stressed for no apparent reason.

sooo whats new?? well,, ummmm not much!! i think i want to definitely work on here a lot more,, and also i still need to make some gloves for my girlfriend. also valentines day is tommorrow and im so excited!!! i didnt pay for my candygrams though and i think someone from student council is looking for me... i dont have any money but they announced my name at like the school assembly so im trying to avoid them... im usually pretty diligent with this stuff but i dotn know how i forgot!! also ive been trying to save money too.. okay five minutes after i wrote that they found me LOL i just gotta bring my money tommorrow!! why do i like my friend sm to pay 10$ for candygrams OMG im an idiot

why the heck would i ever need money though? well..... the repress of one of my favorite albums of all time is happening next week!! thats right!! needlejuice records is sellign damn skippy for the first time under a record label!!! ive known about this since last june, but now theres an official date, mock-ups are happening, and preorders open on the 21st!! im literally soo excited ive always wanted to own that album... literally its just so amazing there are no misses and its so dear to my heart. like... i have the lyrics to flamingo legs on my bedroom wall agh i cant wait !!! its a 2-cd set and thats what dinosaurchestra was and omg idk i cant not talk about it!!

anywho... tommrrrow im going over to my gfs house and we're gonna draw and listen to records... and then i have a 5-day weekend startign thursday!! also on thursday i have another really scary appointment for my ED in the city and im honestly less worried about this one.. i did tell my gf about how im in recovery bc they started asking why i wasnt eating,, and they were honestly really supportive of it!! i actually cried LOL i mean idk i had been struggling wiht it when i knew them but im just happy someone else knows. i hope i dont relapse though,, that would really suck.

anywho,, i hope your weeks been pretty good,, and that valentines day is even better !! bye ♡