okay um im gonna try and write this as best as i can but like ive been so busy and overwhelmed so im not promising its gonna be good
so much has happened this week im not in the best mood to write a journal entry but whatever

okay so umm i had my first kiss yesterday and it was so so amazing and i miss my girlfriend so much and like i think about them so much i actually cant function... like i cant draw without it being abt them and i cant knit or clean i cant do anything im losign sleep over them... what the hell is wrong with me

umm valentines day was also so amazing i met their parents and had dinner with them.. umm and yesterday we were like making out and their dad walked in and all i ate yesterday was a slush and some pizza and everything is so much right now

umm i got a spacehey account and that was pretty fun.. ummm i liked doing the css for it i wish they had a better way to explain how to use it but im getting by.. i wanna change my pfp to like john linnell or something but im too lazy to do it.. maybe eventually but for now ill just leave it as gregg.. oh yeah i also got a status.cafe so u can see that over on the left.. check it out i guess
also now its t-minus 4 days until damn skippy preorders open!!!!! yippee!!!!!1

also on thursday i had my second followup appointmend for my eating disorder and they said im making a lot of progress and my girlfriend said that i look healthier and i hate that. i hate how casual those doctors looked talkign to me. i hate eating.

right now i dont really feel that good ive cried five times and its not even noon i mean my house is an absolute mess and all i want to do is clean but i cant do anything because most of it is my moms stuff and i just want to clean for them and im actually gonna implode!!! i also cried because of a death of someone i dont even know in 2005 (i think) and i cried because yesterday was one of the best days of my life is over and theyre gonna want to come over and i want to clean and theres so much shit thats wrong with me and my life and i cant fix any of it i cant go back in time i dont want there to be anythign wrong with me why do they even love me !!!! umm but yeah i cant do anythign and im just on my phone texting them and i want to move i want to fix things i want to shower but im stuck and i might delete this soon but all i want is to not cry whenever good things happen

anyway i hope your day is going better than mine!! bye !!!