hi!!!!!! its been 9 days. um this past week hasnt been very eventful,, but some stuff has happened !! rn im feeling kinda tired,, its been raining all day and i havent really done that much... okay thats a lie i did do some things

ummmmmmmmmm so i kinda got into clay a little bit again.. i used to love making clay miniatures in elementary school with play-doh and i can ffinally do it with real clay!! i made a mini vanilla the snowman + the flamingo legs creature from the damn skippy lyric page!! umm yeah idk i still need to finish the flamingo but other than that im really happy with how it turned out :P

i kinda wish i like idk hung out with people more... i dont usually see people on the weekends or outside of school, n i kinda feel like im boring ig.. i sometimes go to my girlfriends house afterschool,, but like i dont thin that counts. its better than it used to be though. ummm i dont know i dont like texting people or reaching out because it feels like pulling teeth for me,, but i know i have to. whatever. ill do it eventually. i do need to schedule something eventually though with a rlly old friend,, bc they invited me to a concert w some of their friends n they want me to meet them. yeah i dont WANT to but im only doing all of this for them. whatever,, itll be fine,, its not even that much i dont know why im complaining. i feel like everyone i know secretly hates me.

oh yeah. i also got invited to prom!!! im not 100% if i want to go, but since the price raises after march 17, i kind of have a deadline.. i think it would be fun, but i dont have a dress and its also on a yacht and im a freshman so im not even sure if like its a good idea,, but some of my other friends are going, so itll be fine. i think itll be fun.

hmmm my stomach kind of hurts and i still want to clean so much,.. im not doing enough. nobody seems like they want to help though, so what am i to do? i feel inadequate compared to my peers in every way of the sense. which is probably a bad way to look at my life, but i mean come on.

um anyways i dont think theres that much to say.. i might wash dishes after this or something because everythings really stressing me out. anywho.. this month in general has probably been one of the best februaries ive had,, so much has happened in such a short amount of time and its like both good and bad but more good definitely..

anywho bye