favorite album atm:
Dig Me Out - Sleater-Kinney


HIII i love thsi blog page!!! the background is one of the end credit artworks in My Neighbor Totoro and that's one of my favorite ghibli movies!!! also also i really wanted to do a blog entry for every day of may!!! woohoo!!! my birthday's on the 12th,, and i jst its like my favorite month ever so i wanna make this one special :))

hmmmm........ OH i know i mentioned this yesterday but i gave up trying to torrent the sims 2 for my mac,, i tried both macintosh garden and macintosh repository which are both old software archives for macs,, and both had their own unique problems... i definitely like macintosh repository more because jst in general its easy to use but the only thing i'd say is that you cant download things over a certain file size (without donating,, but it is really important for these places 2 have funding),, and i wasnt able to get it :( i'll probably use them in the future though,, and theyre rlly great resources!! i might even add them to the links page....

ummmmm also i dont think i'll do a song of the day.. or maybe i will........ i dont know.................. GOODNIGHT!


okiii im again writing this for yesterday but today was fun!! i hung out w my gf and it was really good except for when i like felt rlly weird and sad and numb but it happens sometimes i guess and like idk especially after i hang out w her but like it really is whatever i mean i dont even care

umm also i went to see the third guardians of the galaxy movie w my family at like 9pm and it was pretty fun,, i was suprised when they started playing Creep by radioohead at the beginnig but like it was fun!! we stayed out until around 12:30 and then even after that i only went to bed at 1:20 am because i needed to do my algebra homework :((((( UGHDHSFJHFHKJSKJJFKH im so tried i got 5 hours of sleep but whatever


todays been kind of uneventful... i stayed at home and kinda jst puzted around (what a great word!) i helped my mom clean for a couple hours, and kinda jst like drew and texted my girlfriend :) i wish i was more productive, but like i mean any progress is progress! i had some ideas about what i should do for my birthday, but so far everythings expensive and inconvinient :( i dont like making things all about me so i never like planning stuff for myself but i guess i have to

anyways i found out the disk drive on my mac doesnt work and i have to force it open manually, so thats great news !!!!!! whatever its easy to do anyways i mean whatever :( im also sad that i cant really torrent stuff that easily which ik thats the whole point but like whatever ill jst buy it legally i guess :P but sims 2 for free sounds so great..............jfakhdkjahfdjklghj

anyways lazy sunday okay bye




HIII okay today was actually really fun!! ummmmmmmmm okay so me my sister her friend my mom and my girlfriend went to the city today to an aquarium and a popular pier near the bay!! it was fun,, there was an underwater tunnel and like jellyfish n it was cool :)) we also went to a carousel and i kissed my gf on it n it was so cute ♥♥♥!!! ummlkjfkljsl also we saw some sea lions and we went 2 a hall of mirrors which was fun ♥ i got lost for a couple minutes n it was genuinely scary TwT anyways afterwards we went n got boba and on the way back we played music and each of us took turns w songs we liked n it was fun !!! ok bye!


hII!! today was sorta uneventful, it got pretty hot and afterschool i called my girlfriend for a little while.. we were showing off our musical skills (she plays guitar n keyboard, i play bass) and i played her destination moon which was fun :-) i didnt rlly eat for most of today until i had dinner,, i kinda need 2 stop being so lopsided with when i eat but at least im eating :P progress is progress !!


HII TODAY WASSOOO PERFECTTT OMGG okok so the morning was fine, but today was the last day of actual classes for this school year!! it's so crazy 2 think that the school year is already over... woah.. anywaysthere was a final my classmate did for History class and he made a game show,, and me and my friends played in it n my gf won :-))) love today i also went over 2 her house and watched Nope (2022) with her n her mom and it was rlly funnn we also had sushi n we had a pillow fight which was fun ♥ ♥ ♥ i saw a talking heads bumper sticker too of my FAV SONG by them (or @ least my top song, Once In a Lifetime and its so crazyy anyways bye :3


hihi today was fun except i bled through like all my clothes and my mom got mad at me bc i hung out w my gf :))) also she found out that i didnt eat lunch n she jst said "youre only hurting yourself" and ig its good she didnt get super mad at me but also i feel like she doesnt even care now like did she jst give up?? anywasy i was rlly sad but i felt better after i did my algebra homework anyways my day at school was fun,, not a lot of work, but after once i got home i was rlly exhausted and i still had to do a bunch of chores and work and then my mom set restrictions so now i cant text my gf after 9:30 and i jst feel like she treats me like a child despite me literally being in high school like omg lady what are you doing anyways i want to go to bed sm goodnight


HIII today was fun!! i finally did my french final test that i was super nervous about,, but it turned out fine because i foudn out it was only worth 10% of my grade :-) i baked cookies this mornign because me and my friend were gonna have a contest to see who's cookies are better, but sadly her's won :( whatever ! afterwards i went ice skating with my girlfriend, and i also taught her how to skate better ♥ we got ice cream and it was so funn!! afterwards wehen i went home i made dinner with my sister, but after she had to leave for a sleepover with her friends! im glad she's makign friends, and this is her first ever sleepover without me!! yaay!! hopefully it goes well,, and uuhh yeah!! today was the last day of school, and i just got done with all my finals! i still have to do a schoolwide camping trip next week, but after that im home free!! yippee!!


heyyy!! today was mostly boring,, stayed home n messed around on my computer mainly... called my girlfriend for a while n jst hung out, then me n my sister ordered pizza bc my moms out at a concert! i started working on the doodles page, but bc i was in a lot of surgery-related pain, i cried n jst decided to quit :-( instead i watched bride of reanimator,, which is pretty good id say!! anyways gloomy uneventful day,, bye!!


okay i ddint make one for this day (which is now yesterday) because i stayed up really late and im SO TRIEd but basically all that happened was it was super rainy and my mom picked me up afterschool to go prom shopping and we went to two thrift stores and a marshalls and i finally found something yippee!!!!! woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!! but like idk im really happy i found smth but its not like great bc its still a dress and i know its gonna rlly suck but im still excited.. okay bye


OKAY now its today!! i feel weird also rn but that not my fault ANYWAYS today was pretty fun our subsitute teacher baked us cookies and like physics class was fun i mean me n my bestie r gonna do our final project on bombs so we're gonna make a couple SAFE and LEGAL ones to demo :))) super excited 4 thattt!! afterschool i went w my gf n our friend to a record store my friends house :))) she got me Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge on CD bc my birthdays on the 12th and im super hhappy yaayyyayayayy!!!!!


its the 8th day! its like 10:30pm rn but i didnt really feel like blogging any other time today so i guess now works... :P im so tired rn OMG im also kinda sad but i think im jst sad a lot lately which makes sense it jst sucks... i was looking for prom dresses with my mom last tuesday at thrift stores and i came across a dress i rlly liked that wasnt in my size,, and my mom jst told me that she bought it online and i tried it on and i looked so weird and i know its not the dress's fault :))) i sorta regret wearing a dress but i mean whatever when i look like a boy its even worse !!

but what else... oh umm ive been listening to join us by they might be giants recently and i was suprised to learn it came out in 2011, i thought it was later :0 i think that the album cover doesnt really fit with the album, i think a dark red or maybe an orange would fit bettter than a pink monster truck, but it wasnt my choice :P it does stand out really well, so i cant complain ! i do really like it,, i think my favorite is probably when will you die, judy is your viet nam or the lady and the tiger.. theyre all really good and i think that even though in general it sounds really like them its like it feels more weird than they have been.. or maybe im jst too used to all the other albums by them to notice :P N E ways i hope i dont get too sick of it because that's kind of what happened with dookie by Green Day and i feel bad :(




hiii!! today was pretty fun,, it was the 9th anniversary of my mom's death,, and also like mother's day and also like david byrne's birthday so a lot happening.. i didnt do much for my mom's death,, but i kinda wish i had,, i feel bad that i didnt really do much for her this year but in general its kinda like a hard time 4 me so i think its better than sulking abt it :P umm i did some bleach painting earlier which was funn!! i painted a scarab beetle on a brown shirt,, and i think it turned out rlly well! i also posted it on my tumblr 2 :-) anyways i also went to michaels and like went on a bike ride and i got a sunburn while painting which sucks but it doesnt even hurt which is good ! anyways thats it bye :)




hihi!! today me and my family drove a while to go to a county fair and a frog jumping contest!! it was pretty fun,, we were out for around 13 hours and i got a painful sunburn :-( they had a carnival so we went on a lot of rides and it was fun !!! i got a shirt and my sister got a hoodie :3 UMM yeah we were there for a while,, the contest was interestign i loved seeing all the different types of frogs and like all the advertisment for it its literally called Frogtown like it was so cute !!! afterwards we went to a restaurant for dinner and our waiter was around my age n it was so weird TwT anyways on the way back i cried like three times but it was nice seeing the rural part of my state i like seeing the hills n the windmills :-)) anyways BYE!


everything sucks and i want to go to sleep for 72 hours anyways today was good i had my algebra final and it went fine and i went to the park with my girlfriend and then went home and then my moms daugter started venting to me about her husband's mom and then i went to my sister's friend's play and it was school of rock which was fun and then i got into an argument with my mom and i was mean to her despite trying really really hard to not be and like idk it sucks bye


hihi!! today was okay,, i had to get a tooth taken out this morning and it hurt a lot,, so today was rlly painful and ive been cryign a lot.. actually before the procedure started i had a painic attack or something but i started hyperventilating and crying because the novicane mixed with the laughing gas wrong or something,,, that sucked... and it sucked that i was stuck in the car for two hours afterwards runnign errands and that i have 2 eat soft foods.... i spent most of the day on the couch watching tv with my sister which was nice bc it was good to have a break after a busy week of finals and social stuff,, but tmrw and next week is gnna b super busy so watch out me!! anyways i got a little done here,, and hopefully more soon!! bye !!


HII!! today was rlly fun!! i went to a couple thrift stores w my gf, my sister, n her friend!!! me n em didnt rlly buy anything, but it was still fun spending time with her (especially bc i wasnt rlly allowed 2 see her after i got grounded for going to SF... luckily my mom changed her mind) and yeah! we also went to a nice park near the bay which was fun, i liked jst walking around for a while ^_^! tmrw ill be leaving for a school trip, so i wont be back until thursday afternoon! i packed for that some today, but i still needa wash some clothes n pack toiletries ♥ hoping everything goes smoothly tmrw... this evening wasn't really the funnest, but im hoping that this camping trip will be fun! it has to be! anywasy bye!


okay todays been going pretty weirdly.... i mean it was okayish at first like i wore a new pair of pants that look a bit weird on me,, and i was sorta late.. its a wednesday so i have all 7 classes as opposed to just three... UMM but yeah i got around 6 hours of sleep yesterday bc i said something wrong to my girlfriend and hurt her feelings and then this mornign i was tired and didnt really wanna talk which hurt her feelings AGAIN and im jst like idk i feel so shitt because i dont really know what to do and she said wed talk about it later but she didnt wanna talk during any of our classes or lunhc.... FUCK!

its been cold and rainy but me and my friends went to this donut shop thingy and we got hot chocolates :) that was nice but i jst cant stop thinking abt her and i feel so bad i have no idea what to do.... also i hate my hair so much and today was the one day i forgot to brign hairties so i cant braid it and i jst loook like this...... im in coding class rn and i dont really hace any assigned workk... i mean i do need to finish a paragraph for english so ill prolly do that after this :P blehhhh okay also its our 3-month anniversary and i ruined it ANYWAYS BYE


the sixth day of may... :P today was definitely interesting.. UGHUFHJHS anyways so today i woke up at like 11am so that much better than the past couple of days,, and i went thrifting with my girlfriend :)) orgiinally it was gonna be her and our friend but she lied and said she was busy so she didnt have 2 hang out w him :P i feel kinda bad abt it but also i didnt rlly know abt that until after i like had left.. but my mom picked us up and it was fun having her in my car,, i was afraid she was gonna b judgy which is also why im afraid 2 have her come over (but thats a whole other story) but she was rlly nice abt it :)

we went to about 4 thrift stores, boba, and we went to a bookstore which was fun!! i bought a single t-shirt and they only bought a button,, but it was still really nice spending time with her!!! we even sang team by lorde bc my mom was playign it and it wa rlly fun :))) i met their grandparents too bc they were in town and that was nice,, theyre really nice :-) i did cry on the way back to my house though because like i was really overwhelmed and like thinking about my stupid parents again and their family and like my house and it was like a whole thing,, i ended up jst laying in my bed for a while but i did end up feelign better later abt it :P WHATERVER

umm but once i got home after i cried i decided to listen to a new albuma and fix my pants,, i have a couple sewing projects i need 2 do but ive been really busy lately w school and friends so i havent rlly got the chance to :( + theyre like my favorite pants ever so i wanna make them last as long as possible :) the new album was umm OH it was Q: are we not men? A: we are devo! and it was okay,, i didnt really get through it all though :P i think if i listened to it a couple more times i might like it,, but the futures uncertain....

anyways thats all,, ive felt really weird these past couple days but i guess its that time of year.. bye bye!


hihi!! its the ninth now! wow! im definitely running out of things to talk aboutt, i dont think ill be doing this again TwT i mean hypothetically itd be cool to see how i am everday for a month, but sadly my life isnt that interesting,, all i talk about is music or my girlfriend LOL

UMMM whatd i do today... algebra was fine.. someone i never really talk to decided to move seats to sit next to me after i chose another seat and i dont really like them but they watned to talk to me so WHATEVER (im bad at reading social cues so i could totally be wrong) also i had to do a presentation for combustion engines and that went well i think :P i went to my girlfriend's house afterschool and it was pretty fun but i felt kinda uncomfortable and sad and i feel bad abt it now... i should update my site other than jst my blog OMG i feel like i never have enough time though i mean i have to write two essays and a slideshow and study for two tests and worry about prom and my birthday and mothers day and i have to finish a book and OMGSHDKJFHKJHSFKJHFJK:HKEJHFUKG GWRB LJIXFBIUUJOGMULY*O:YUGMC JBYLI*O&TYJGC YTI*HOHTJFGNC

hmmmm i wonder when my damn skippy cd's gonna ship...... it said itd be here in mid april but its may now and i know i preordered it in february but whatever :) itll be here eventually and its so pretty so its worth the wait!!!


i forgot to do the last two days but hello its my birthday and i got two cds from my gf which was rlly nice and i also went to prom and that was fun it was on a yacht and it was coldish and it was actually only kinda half fun bc i kinda tend to ruin things for myself BUT i liked dancing w my gf and sitting on the bench near the front outseide adnd it was like really nice.. we took photos bc there was a photobooth and they came out so bad TwT i still love them bc we look so cute ♥ theyre now hung up on my wall :P

other than prom like idk its been okay,, i saw my old teacher in the morning bc theres a strike in my old school district when i went to a public elementrary school,, so i saw them in the picket line n it was weird LOL thats kinda it for interesting things that happened that day ok bye


HIII today was okay i mean it kinda sucked but thats mainly jst because i had to write almost all of my history essay (800 words in two class periods) and i had a headache BUTT i mean i got into an argument with my girlfriend and they made a really really mean joke about me so i didnt rlly talk to them for a little while... umm but i did practice bass for abt an hour and that was funn ^_^ i love that emoticon sm sm its so cute and like it jst discribes my mood so perfectly

i dont wanna blog bye


HIII today was rlly fun!! i hung out with my gf a lot and i got gummy octopi for lunch :33 i worked on my english essay a lot which was hard because it's not my strong suit at all... afterschool me n my friend made bombs for our physics final and my gf also tagged along n it was so fun!! one of them didnt work but we made a dry ice bomb and it set off in my hand :0 it was jst because it built up a lot of pressure but it wasnt exploding so i had 2 open it :P still,, it was pretty fun,, and we stayed afterschool for abt an hour so our teacher could supervise :-) i liked today,, i wore a nice outfit and me n my gf talked abt summer n it was jst rlly great :)


Hii today was pretty fun too,, i spent the morning cleaning and then helped out my gf with her history final,, i did the filming ♥ it was fun, i was rlly tired from staying up late last night so i wasnt rlly having tons of fun but it was still nice :-)) afterwards me and my family went to a greek festival and got some nice food which was fun ^_^ then i worked on my english essay (which is also my final) and like yeah it was fun! fun fun fun!!!!


hii... today i went to the city with my girlfriend after i got done with my morning final bc my afternoon one was a free period.. it was fun,, we went to a park and the piers and talked and i took the subway home :)) what wasnt fun was the hour long argument i had with my mom about it because i didnt tell her and she hates me and doesnt let me do anythign NAYWYAS BYE


hii!! today was fun ish!! i went to an arts museum with my family to check out an exhibit about Ansel Adams,, and i loved seeing all the different methods of photography!! wet plate and analog cameras are so cool to see being used, especially with some of the pieces being more modern too :-) it was all very pretty and im happy i went!! i got two pairs of socks at the gift shop,, n afterwards we stopped for sushi for dinner n hand-churned ice cream for dessert ♥ ♥ when we got home i facetimed my girlfriend,, and then watched missing which was SSUCH a good movie omg!! i loved how it was filmed and it was a really good mystery,, i never knew what was coming next!! anyways bye bye ♥


hihi okay so technically this day i was away at camp however ill still talk about it.. also ignore that i missed the 31st i dont wanna change it im too tired... okay we left for camp super early and it was rlly fun,, there was like these tent-cabin things that they had, and i got into a cabin with all my friends !! the trip itself was rlly fun, i got to sleep in the same bed as my gf and also like hang out w my friends all day ♥ so suprised its summer now, it doesnt feel like the school year's over... anyways bye bye may !! love you!!